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 Refuses to Hold Anything Back

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PostSubject: Refuses to Hold Anything Back   17th October 2010, 04:38

Miley Cyrus Refuses to Hold Anything Back

With her longtime hit show Hannah Montana coming to an end, Miley Cyrus is ready to let her own personality take center stage. And that includes a racy music video that's stirred up a bit of controversy for the 17-year-old.

"You have to be who you are to the full," Cyrus said during a Good Morning America interview Friday, dressed in a studded leather jacket, David Bowie T-shirt and ripped black jeans. "There's nothing that I'm holding back. And that's what I want to give to my girl fans. Just be who you are."

In fact, Cyrus claims that her newest album Can't Be Tamed showcases the real Miley Cyrus. "This record is the first album where it's completely me," she says.,,20395147,00.html
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miley ray cyrus


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PostSubject: Re: Refuses to Hold Anything Back   17th October 2010, 05:12

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Refuses to Hold Anything Back
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