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PostSubject: Wake   26th August 2010, 18:02


When not appearing pantsless on Perez Hilton’s skeevy Twitter feed, Miley Cyrus still has some sort of Hollywood career going, for some reason. She’s about to turn 18 which means she’d better start stepping away from the Disney crowd soon, that Hannah Montana gravy train has almost run out of rail. As have so many pantsless young actresses before her, she’s turning to horror movies.

THR says she’s set to star in a paranormal thriller called Wake. It’s based on a young adult novel by Lisa McMann, so it’s not too far outside her tween comfort zone, but far enough that it could be a step in the right direction for her. It’s being adapted for the screen by Christopher Landon, who also adapted Disturbia. That should give you some idea of what they’re going for here.

Wake is the story of a 17-year-old girl who has the ability to be sucked into people’s dreams. She’d rather not be there, and in the process she often ends up seeing things she’s not supposed to see. Wake is the first of three books based on the character, in this one she ends up in a nightmare where she becomes a participant in the fantasy.

Sounds kind of like a low-rent Inception doesn't it? I guess dream-stealing is the new thing in Hollywood. Since this Wake is based on a young adult novel and thus likely to become a young adult movie, hopefully the film’s producers may be too busy trying to keep the “I like taking photos in my underwear” side of Miley under control to worry about whether their movie has already been done by Chris Nolan.
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